Noli Quieti

Work on ‘Noli Quieti’ (working title) has officially begun. Based on my Ludum Dare 26 entry, I’m shooting to have it ready to go in September. If you haven’t played my Ludum Dare entry you can do so here. I built it in a 17 hour coding session, pretty happy with it despite the obvious [...]

June 14, 2013 | Dev

Shipwords = Liqwords

I’ve decided to rename Liqwords, Shipwords in keeping with the nautical theme. This video is the last (?!) I’ll release before the game is done. I’m shooting for Thursday, but with all I’ve got going on it’ll probably not be done until the weekend.

Building a game timer for Unity with JS

Making a timer that counts up from, say, the start of your level is pretty straightforward but can be a head scratcher if you’re new to programming or Unity. The code below is what I’m using for the timer on Blockulous. It’s pretty simple and quite effective. I take the results of secondCount and minuteCount [...]

Liqwords – First Play Test

Got a quick early playtest of Liqwords here. Most of the play logic is complete, need to refine the gameplay, and start adding visuals.

New game underway, Liqwords

Stoked to be starting on my next game. I spent the last two days working on an idea, and Liqwords is the result. The title is a portmanteau of “Liquid” and “words”. I’ll let the sketch explain itself for now. I’m excited to start on this, after posting this I’ll get started on the code. [...]